Know why you should travel to Nepal in spring

posted by Mountain Delights Admin on February 14, 2017
One of the major tourist seasons in Nepal is all set to start with her wonders to offer to the travellers. The spring season is a highly pleasant time to travel to Nepal. The months of March, April and May bring such a lovely weather that boasts towering mountain peaks, crystalline skies, and aromatic air in the nature all the time.
Nepali tourism industry which was badly affected while the country was terribly shaken by the devastating earthquake in 2015 proved to be strong and resilient enough to come back to the feet and offer its services to travellers. The year 2017 is highly promising year for the Nepali tourism industry after the earthquake. With minimal damages in the most of the tourist destinations and reconstruction of the infrastructures in the affected areas, the industry is awaiting the travellers to experience the Himalayan cultural charisma. 
Nepal travel experience in the year 2017 will bring a new angle to the travellers. Especially in the time when the reconstruction of the heritages sites in Kathmandu valley has finally begun, travellers will be able to experience and observe the firsthand experience of comeback efforts of Nepal. Even the people of the affected areas have slowly started fixing their houses from rubble to a nice and homely shelter. The ever tantalizing mountain peaks will never cease to spread their magical charm upon the travellers no matter what the situation is. The middle hills will bloom in colors as rhododendron and other flowers dance their charismatic moves in the nature. The resilient and strongest Nepalese will welcome guests with their ever smiling faces and overwhelming friendly behavior. 
It is uncharacteristically fun time to travel to Nepal during spring season even for adventure activities in addition to the attractions mentioned above. Adventure activities, like white water rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, zip flying etc., are extremely fun filled when they are enhanced by nice, warm and clear spring weather.  Trekking in the foothills to the high altitude in the Himalayas becomes a beautiful memory to cherish. The ever praised universal beauty of the spring season makes travel more amazing and the unparalleled Himalayan magnificence adds on top. Whether you are a cultural traveller with interest in sightseeing tours or an adventure enthusiast with interest in Himalayan trekking and feeling high adrenaline, spring season in Nepal brings a wonderful cultural and adventure travelling experience. 
Mountain Delights Treks & Expedition welcomes all eager travellers to Nepal. We are all set, as ever, to organize your trip to Nepal and make your spring travel experience a wonderfully unearthly one. From Tiji Festival Trekking to Upper Mustang to our special Mardi Himal Yoga Trek or simply cultural sightseeing tours with jungle safari activities all kinds of trips become a relaxing and rejuvenating journey with us in the spring season.
We are just an email away from you to make your best spring travel experience to Nepal. 
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