Why Travel for Tiji Festival to Upper Mustang

posted by Mountain Delights Admin on April 20, 2017

Have you heard about Tiji festival in Upper Mustang of Nepal? You might wonder what is so special about this festival and why you should know about it.

It is a rare opportunity to immerse into the ancient Tibetan Buddhist cultural tradition that comes only once a year.

Tiji is a great and ancient cultural and spiritual celebration in Lo Manthang of Upper Mustang in Nepal. This annual festival observes traditional myths and Tibetan Buddhist rituals for three days in Lo Manthang. This unique Buddhist cultural festival marks the victory of one of Lord Buddha’s incarnations over a demon that lived on human beings and tried to destroy the world with storms and drought.

The name of the festival Tenji, which is alternately called Tiji, comes from Tibetan word “Tempa Chhirim” that means “prayer for world peace”. The sole purpose of observing this celebration is to pray for the peace in the region and in the world.

According to the Tibetan Buddhist legend the incarnation, Dorjee Sonnu, fought the demon, Man Tam Ru, and saved the whole region from destruction. This three day long festival enacts the story, of the troubles caused by the demon, birth of Dorje Sonnu and his battle with and victory over the demon, in form of ritual dancing. It is a great occasion where Buddhist monks from Choedhe monastery of Lo Manthang organize and perform all the ritual dancing.

This is a great adventure escape with a surreal mixing of a cultural celebration that can make your trip a life changing experience. Travelling for this festival is a rare opportunity to immerse into the wonderful cultural traditions of upper Mustang.

Mere additional three days on the normal Upper Mustang Trek during the festival time makes this adventure an extraordinary one. In addition to the incredible adventure trekking, this trip brings an exceptional and rare cultural experience. Breathtaking mountain vista, color changing landscapes, crystalline skies, ancient wall caves, beautiful oasis settlements and adventure trekking get an addition flavor of wonderful cultural celebration. 

Tiji festival falls after the second week of May every year. The festival for this year has been set for 23-25 May in the iconic Lo Manthang. Our special Tiji Festival Trek 2017 is all set to begin on the 14th of May and give you some unreal experience of cultural festival trekking.

Let us know if you want to experience the Tiji moment.

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