Kailash Trip via Simikot

Take a holy pilgrimage tour to the abode of Lord Shiva to add a milestone on the path of your spiritual journey. The incredible tour to Mt. Kailash in the Tibetan Himalaya where Lord Shiva resides is an amazing journey that you can experience once in a life time.

The sacred journey to Manasarovar and Kailash starts in Kathmandu, Nepal with the darsan and pooja at Pashupatinath, the temple dedicated to lord of the animals, Shiva and tour to a couple of other holy and spiritual sites in the valley. The tour then takes you on a road trip to Nepal Tibet border to the east from Kathmandu. After you enter the Tibetan land, you drive through beautiful Tibetan countryside and towns before reaching Mansarovar and going for the holy circumambulation of Mt. Kailash. Taking a holy bath in the lake Manasarovar and completing a sacred circumnavigation of the abode of Lord Shiva gives you the most sacred of spiritual feelings and brings your life closer to Moksha.

This itinerary takes you to the holy Mt. Kailash and Manasarovar via Simikot in the western part of Nepal. 

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu – 1400 m

You arrive at Tribhuvan international airport and go through all custom regulations and visa process. After you go through all the necessary process, you come outside the terminal and you will see a person waiting for you with our company signboard. You will then be led to the vehicle and driven to our hotel in Kathmandu for the trip. Check into hotel; freshen up; relax and enjoy some leisurely time on your own.  We will later meet to talk about what to expect in the days to come in this trip.

Day 02: Pashupati Darsan and Heritage Tour of Kathmandu – B/L/D

Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel restaurant and we will meet to go for a holy darsan of Pashupatinath temple and sightseeing tour of some interesting spiritual sites.

Pashupatinath Temple: First of, we drive to Pashupatinath temple for a sacred darsan of Lord Shiva in the temple. The circumambulation of the holy temple will let us an opportunity to get the darsan of all faces of the god. This is the perfect beginning of the trip.

Swoyambhunath:Swoyambhunath is a Buddhist stupa site with several Hindu shrines where spiritual devotees visit to pay their homage to the deities. You will also see several monkeys walking freely around the area. This site is over 2000 years old.

Boudhanath Stupa:This largest Buddhist stupa in the world closer to Pashupatinath temple. This incredible spiritual site attracts hundreds of thousand spiritual seekers and Buddhist devotees. This site has almost 1700 years of history on its pocket.

Return back to hotel and relax.

Day 03: Kathmandu – Nepalgunj – B/L/D

We will fly to Nepalgunj today about 515 kilometers to the west from Kathmandu. The flight of about 1 hour will take us to see the civilization of western part of Nepal. After checking into our hotel, we can go for some exploration of the city.

Stay overnight in Nepalgunj.

Day 04: Nepalgunj – Simikot 2990m – Dharapori 2365m – B/L/D

We will take a 40 minutes flight to Simikot airport in Humla district. The flight will bring us some stunning views of the high Himalayan peaks. Once we land in Simikot, we will be able to see the culture and life style of the people living in the western mountains of Nepal. The remoteness of the place and simplicity in life style is as magnificent and charming as the mountains. We will start our trekking for the day today to Dharapori which is more or less 5 hours trekking distance from Simikot.

Overnight at Dharapori.

Day 05: Dharapori – Kermi 2860m – B/L/D

We walk to Kermi today after breakfast. The beautiful trail running alongside the River Karnali passes through amazing cultivation areas. Mapping the beautiful trail and soaking into the incredibility of the places we pass, we will reach Kermi after trekking for about 5 hours. Once we are in Kermi, we can go for natural hot spring bath and visit some Buddhist monasteries in the area.

Overnight at Kermi.

Day 06: Kermi – Yalbang 2880m – B/L/D

The walk today goes mostly on the flat trail except a small uphill section. About 5 hours of walk today takes us to Yalbang at the elevation of 2880 meters above sea level. We can see and enjoy the beautiful Karnali river view from the way. We come across a monastery called Namkha Khyung Dzong and pay a short visit there.

Stay overnight at Yalbang.

Day 07: Yalbang – Tumkot 3075m – B/L/D

The day will take us farther from the lush green vegetation today onward as we gain the elevation.  We will come across some conifers like pine and also see the bare rocky hills. Approximately 5 hours of walk today takes us to Tumkot and we will explore the surrounding and visit a monastery.

Overnight at Tumkot.

Day 08: Tumkot – Yari 3665m – B/L/D

We are walking to an even higher elevation today. When we reach Yari after about 7 hours of walk, we will be at the elevation of 3665 meters above sea level. As we go higher into the elevation, we will notice and feel the difference in the climate, vegetation and life style. The overall atmosphere of the remote mountainous area will look astonishingly different and equally charming as well.

Reach Yari and stay overnight there.

Day 09: Yari – Hilsa 3650m – B//L/D

We will make it to Nepal Tibet border town of Hilsa today. After trekking for about 6 hours crossing Nara La pass at the elevation of 4620 meters above sea level and descending down of the trail we reach Hilsa.  We will have the view of Tibetan landscape which will be our view for next couple of days on the trip.

Stay overnight at Hilsa.

Day 10: Hilsa – Purang 3775m – B/L/D

We are going to enter Tibet today. After crossing the friendship bridge and going through check points, we will meet our Tibetan guide who will lead us to Purang today. Once we are in Purang, we will have some time to explore some monasteries and surrounding.

Stay overnight and Purang.

Day 11: Purang – Montser 4450m – B/L/D

Today, we walk to Montser for about 4 hours. We walk past two beautiful lakes of Rakshas and Manasarovar. Once we reach Monteser, we go to visit Tirthapuri which is to the northwest of Mt. Kailash. We will also come across natural hot spring pools where devotees take holy bath. Faith is that these hot spring pools have a connection with Guru Padmasambhava. We will later return back to Montser to stay overnight.

Day 12: Purang – Darchen 4560m – B/L/D

We will go to Garuda valley sightseeing in the first half of the day today. Garuda valley is a sacred place to the southwest of Mt. Kailash with lots of mysterious caves there. We will explore some incredibly exciting sacred places in the valley and later on in the afternoon, we will go to Darchen for overnight stay. Darchen in the place from where we are going to start the parikrama of Mt. Kailash tomorrow.

Stay overnight at Darchen.

Day 13: Darchen – Derapuk 5820m – B/L/D

We are going to start the circumnavigation of the holy Mt. Kailash today. We drive to Darchen; get off the vehicle and get ready for the walking parikrama of the holy mountain. The journey of seven hours walk today takes us to Derapuk to spend the overnight. We will be blessed by the positive and spiritual vibrations of bestowed upon us by the grace of the holy mountain once we are in Derapuk. Horse or Yak ride is an option if walking is too difficult for you.

Day 14: Derapuk – Dolma La 5650m – Zuthulpuk 4790m – B/L/D

On the second day of parikrama, we walk for about ten hours to Zuthulpuk today. A difficult ascent to the strenuous Dolma La pass at the elevation of 5650 meters above sea level tests our endurance ability and devotion to the holy journey to the home of Lord Shiva. After crossing the pass, we descend carefully on a little slippery trail to Zuthulpuk where we spend overnight today.

Day 15:  Zuthulpuk – Mansarovar – B/L/D

The third and the final day of the parikrama, we will walk to Darchen today to catch a vehicle back to Manasarovar. About four hours of walk today takes us to Darchen where a vehicle will be waiting for us. All the spiritual energy absorbed on these parikrama days keeps us highly energetic and we achieve an amazing feat of circumambulating the holy abode of Lord Shiva.  We will get into the vehicle waiting for us and drive back to Manasarovar.

Stay overnight at Manasarovar.

Day 16: Manasarovar – Zangmu – B/L/D

We will start early morning drive for a long day today to Zangmu.  We will spend the whole day on the highway today stopping only for lunch and other necessary breaks. On reaching Zangmu, we will check into a guest house to stay overnight.

Day 17: Zangmu – Kathmandu – B/L/D

We are entering Nepal today. Driving for about four hours on Tibetan land and about four hours on Nepali land, we will arrive to Kathmandu, the bustling capital city of Nepal. Check into hotel; freshen up and relax.

Stay overnight at hotel

Day 18: Departure Day - B

We will come to your hotel three hours prior to your departure flight schedule to drop you off to airport.

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