Nepal Rebuilding Tourism

Visit Nepal to help the earthquake victims

Namaste to you all from Mountain Delights Treks and Expedition. 

After the devastating earthquake on April 25 2015 and the continual aftershocks travellers have started to cancel their trip to Nepal. They might have thought that there is nothing to see and visit, all the things are completely destroyed. If you are thinking the same, you are wrong. Though there are numerous direct affected areas, Nepal has innumerable natural paradise that are not in the affected zones. This is an opportunity for all to discover new routes and people with a distinct culture. If some old routes have damaged, the tourism can be promoted to other newly discovered trails and at the same time we can run the Nepal rebuilding tourism (trekking and tours).
Many people are thinking how they can provide different supports for the victims of earthquake in Nepal. From our side, as a responsible trek organizer in Nepal, we have a distinct vision to take your incredible support for the people who are seriously in need. It's time for the reconstruction after the destruction. Rebuilding the houses, hospitals and schools are necessary.
Mountain Delights Treks and Expedition feels proud to extend its hand to soothe the wounds of the victims with its cooperation with Tukee Nepal organization. We are clear with our mission to provide basic requirements as tent, food, purified water, medical services and others by visiting the affected fields. In the past days Mountain Delights used to organize various responsible trekking, medical trekking, Eco trekking, cleaning trekking and much more to give the locals in turn of their remarkable hospitality. During our professional journey, we always thought for the people of the rural communities, homeless and contribute to their relief. In the coming seasons, we are organizing trekking and tours with its direct link for rebuilding Nepal's destroyed houses, hospitals and schools. We sell our tour, trekking and expedition trips and also contribute in the societies for their gradual uplifting. 
Recently, we distributed tents, rice and the needed relief materials in the affected areas. We know that we can't cover up all the areas, but we try to help in our locality and be more responsible. To be specific, we are running a rebuilding Nepal mission in the Jyamrung village of Dhading district and its surroundings with its spectacular combination of the Lower Ganesh Himal and Ganesh Himal Trekking. If you are interested, please join our trips or help our mission.

Note : For our new trekking itineraries regarding the rebuilding Nepal mission, please contact us and let us know your desired areas to trek or making tours. We really appreciate your direct participation for this unique package. 


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