Cleaning Trek

At the end of each trekking season, Mountain Delights organizing a “clean up trek” taking like-minded people into these areas. With the assistance of porters, our guests would be asked to pick up rubbish as they come across it while enjoying the scenery.

Mountain Delights always wants to give something back to the communities it passes through when trekking.  Mountain Delights has done many social responsibility treks, One of them is Cleaning trek. Every year hundreds of thousands of people come to trek in Nepal. We have a magnificent landscape which offers many alternative destinations to suit just about anyone.  While Mountain Delights has a policy of “cleaning up after itself” however, many of the more popular treks used by the majority of trekkers and tour operators, are not as conscious of the environment. Our company believes that anyone associated with the trekking industry – both user and provider - should act responsibly.


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