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Snowman Trek

Trip Overview

Snowman trek is an incredible adventure in Bhutan which is a total 33 days trip starting and finishing in Kathmandu, Nepal. This high altitude trekking adventure challenges trekkers with an ample level of difficulty. But rewards them with spectacular Bhutanese landscape that brings indescribable joy. Amazing Bhutanese Buddhist culture is another great factor which brings more incredible flavor to this adventure journey. Trekking to northen remote region Lunana region reflects 7 th century Buddhist Culture. This phenomenal trekking adventure challenges trekkers with nine high mountain pass over 4500 meters above sea level. This adventure provides some incredible opportunities to witness the greatness of Mother Nature in her pure aesthetics. This journey of a lifetime does not only take you to the wonders of nature.But it also brings you closer to the amazing Bhutanese Buddhist culture. In Bhutanese towns of Paro, Punakha, Thimpu, and countryside, you can immerse completely into the depth of traditional Buddhist culture. This adventure will be a journey that gives you insights into so many different aspects of Bhutanese culture, hospitality, people and nature.


Upon your arrival at Kathmandu international airport, our representative will meet and welcome you to Nepal and then you will be transferred to the hotel. Once you finish the check-in procedure, you can rest and relax at the hotel. After short rest, we take you short Thamel tour which is main tourist hub in Kathmandu to make you familiar with some good restaurants, ATMs, money changer, Supermarket, gear shop and other necessary things you might need for your trip. After a short explore you will be taken to our office for a trip briefing meeting. Overnight in hotel. If your arrival is late today, this tour and trip briefing will be shifted for tomorrow.
Tour Duration: 4 Hrs. After having breakfast we will proceed for the sightseeing. Pashupatinath Temple: It is a most famous Hindu temple devoted to Lord Shiva, located beside the Bagmati River. One of the most significant temples for the Hindu devotees around the world and the UNESCO site. The golden pagoda style temple is richly carved with silver doors. On the day of Shivaratri, a big fair is held around the month of February/March. Boudhanath stupa: One of the biggest Stupas in the world is located on the east in Kathmandu. It stands with four pairs of eyes in the four prime directions, keeping watch for virtuous behavior and human success. King Man Deva at the advice of the Goddess Mani Jogini had built this remarkable Stupa. The Stupa resembles the Mahayana philosophy. After back from the tour you have some times for rest and prepare your gear and so on. Overnight in hotel.
After breakfast, we will transfer you to airport to fly to Paro in the Kingdom of Bhutan. The trans-Himalayan flight will provide you an excellent opportunity to behold the majestic charm of the high and snow-capped Himalayan peaks. You will be received by our representative once you come out of the airport at Paro after all formalities. You will then be transferred and checked into your hotel. Visit Paro Dzong in the afternoon where you will learn about the impressive Bhutanese architecture and culture. Our local Bhutanese guide will give you interesting insights about the Dzong which is a partial combination of castle, monastery, fortress and administrative building.
Walking Duration: 3 Hrs. Today we will take you to spectacular Takstang Monastery famously known as the Tiger’s Nest. Hiking to the monastery is about 3 hours of lovely uphill walk through the pine forest. Once you reach the monastery, you will see the amazing building clinging to a cliff. This site is considered a sacred and once-in-lifetime pilgrimage site for the Bhutanese Buddhist people. As they believe, Guru Padmasambhava flew on the back of a tigress and meditated for a long time in a cave there. The monastery is exactly situated on the place where Guru Padmasambhava meditated. Overnight in hotel.
Walking Duration: 5 Hrs. We drive a short distance up to the army camp via Drukgyal Dzong after our breakfast to start the real trek on this incredible adventure. The trek today leads us through a beautiful river valley, amazing countryside settlements, and lushly forested part to take us to Pine Camp to have our overnight camp today. The incredible walk of about 5 hours will cover about 13 kilometers of the Bhutanese mountain trail. Overnight in Camp.
Walking Duration: 7 Hrs. After having breakfast at the camp, we start the trek for the day. The trail traverses through beautiful blue pine and rhododendron forest in the Jigme Dorji National Park. The beautiful walk of the day might bring some incredible opportunity to see wildlife. We will experience the joy of walking in the high altitude nature at a pace and also notice the change in the vegetation as we go to the higher elevation. A walk of about 7 hours takes us to Thangk Thanka today after covering about 18 kilometers in the trail.
Walking Duration: 6 Hrs. We leave the camp early in the morning and walk towards Tengethang which is a home for yak herders in a winter season. Tengethang is almost half of the trek today. We leave the tree line on the trek today as we walk to the higher elevation. After reaching the camp at Jangothang, we can enjoy the beautiful hues of the sunset on Mt. Jomolhari and Mt. Jichu Drake which measure 7314 m and 6989 m respectively. Overnight in camp.
Today is a full day excursion around Jangothang as part of the acclimatization. We will hike to one of the many wonderful day hiking destinations around and enjoy the great views of the amazing Bhutanese landscape. After the day hiking, we will come back to the camp at Jangothang for an overnight stay which will allow us to adjust in the high altitude climate.
Walking Duration: 7 Hrs. We are going to take the first pass challenge of the trek today crossing the Nyile La pass at the elevation of 4890 m. About four hours of high altitude uphill walk we cross the pass and descend on the other side through juniper and rhododendron forest and yak herder camps. About 7 hours of walk covering about 20 kilometers will bring us to the camp at Lingshi today. Overnight in Camp.
Walking Duration: 5 Hrs. We will go for an exploration of Lingshi Dzong before we start the hike of the day. This 17th century Dzong was one of the defensive fortresses in the north Bhutan. This Dzong was built to remember the victory over Tibetan invasion. After the exploration, we start the hike for the day towards Chebisa where we will stay overnight. The comparatively shorter walk today, it will take us about 5 hours to cover 14 kilometers to reach the camp. Overnight in Camp.
Walking Duration: 4 Hrs. Time to cross the second pass during the trek. We cross Gombu La pass today at the elevation of 4350 m. After crossing the pass, the trail leads us through a rhododendron forest and yak herder camps. Overnight at Shakshepasa.
Walking Duration: 8 Hrs. Another pass challenge day today. We will cross Jhari La pass today at the elevation of 4747 m. Enjoy the splendid view from the pass and descend towards Tsharijathang through lush pine forest. We will keep an eye out for the herds of Takin, a kind of small deer, which will make our walk of the day. We cross the river to take a short uphill walk to reach our camp at Robluthang. Overnight in Camp.
Walking Duration: 8 Hrs. Shinge La pass will test our endurance today while the trail takes us to the elevation of 5005 m to cross the fourth pass of this adventure. The strenuous walk to the pass will be rewarded by majestic spiritual vibrations of the mountains, wish to make cairns and prayer flags. We descend towards Limithang passing through moraine landscape with an incredible view of Mt. Kang Che Da – 6840m, the Great Tiger Mountain. After a strenuous walk of about eight hours, we reach our camp at Limithang.
Walking Duration: 5 Hrs. A short walking day today will take us to the incredible village of Laya where we can experience the Bhutanese culture and learn about the friendly local people. Mapping the winding trail up and down the hills we arrived at Laya for lunch. We will go for the exploration of the village after lunch and experience the wonders of the place. Overnight local lodge.
As a rest day today, we will have more opportunity to explore this incredible village in the Bhutanese mountains. Learning about the local language, culture, customs, and costumes is a great experience that will give us an insight into the rural Bhutanese life.
Walking Duration: 7 Hrs. The trek today takes us to Rodufu through the trail with some of the most wonderful high altitude floral landscape. We will experience some of the species of wildflowers like wild rose, daisy, scabious, etc. and rhododendron and conifer forest before reaching our camp at Rodufu. Overnight in Rodufu.
Walking Duration: 9 Hrs. We will be challenged by another pass of the trek today. We cross the Tsimo La pass at the elevation of 4950m/16200ft. Majestic views of Chomolhari and Jichu Drake and other mountain peaks make us forget the strenuous effort we make to climb the pass. Descending down on the other side through the rhododendron forest, we reach Narethang. Overnight in Narethang.
Walking Duration: 7 Hrs. We have to climb another pass to go across it today. Crossing the Karchung La pass at the elevation of 5240m/17187ft, we come at an indescribably spectacular view of the mountain panorama to the north. Descending on the other side, we walk past glacial lakes towards spectacular Tarina valley reach our camp at a riverbank. Overnight in Camp.
Walking Duration: 6 Hrs. We take the breakfast at the campsite and start the trek of the day experience the wonders of the mystical Bhutanese countryside. The experience cannot be any better where you get to see a lush forest, majestic mountains, fresh river streams, and amazing culture. The walk today will take us to a small yet wonderful village of Woche which is our campsite today.
Walking Duration: 8 Hrs. Another pass climbing day today. We climb a steep uphill trail to cross the Keche La pass at the elevation of 4580m/15100ft where we come to experience another joy of the view of mountain panorama. After enjoying the view for a while, we descend down towards the village of Thega. After lunch, we walk past some beautiful waterfalls and continue on the river valley towards Lhedi village for our campsite today. Overnight in Camp.
Walking Duration: 7 Hrs. We trek to Thanza today and walk past Chozo Dzong, one of the oldest Dzongs in Bhutan. We will explore the wonderful Dzong for a while and continue towards Thanza. There are still so many different things that will amaze us with incredible beauty. After walking for about 7 hours, we arrive at our camp at Thanza. Overnight at Camp.
As Thanza is the farthest point we will explore in the Lunana valley, we will make the most out of it today. Exploring more about the surrounding area will take us even deeper into the beauty of the Lunana valley. Overnight local lodge.
Walking Duration: 4 Hrs. A short trekking day today, we have to walk for about four hours to reach Danji where we will spend overnight. Although a short day, the trek requires us to hike onto the steep uphill trail to the campsite. Once in the campsite, we will have the privilege to enjoy the fantastic views of the mountains. Overnight in Camp.
Walking Duration: 5 Hrs. We will have to challenge again with the pass crossing as the trek today will take us across the Jaze La pass at the elevation of 5050m/16570ft above sea level. Before reaching the top of the pass, it tricks us three times with the feeling of crossing it just to take us to another pass looking summit but not yet. Eventually, Jaze La pass materializes and we can walk downhill. Chances of spotting blue sheep are high today so we have to keep our eyes on a lookout for them. After a walk of about five hours, we reach the campsite at Tso Chena. Overnight in Camp.
Walking Duration: 5 Hrs. Loju La pass at the elevation of 4940m/16300ft is standing tall waiting for us to cross it today. Spectacular views of the snow-capped mountains entertain us to help forget the tiredness of the passing challenge. Eventually, we reach the campsite at Jichu Dramo after a beautifully tiring walk of the day. Overnight in Camp.
Walking Duration: 7 Hrs. Another mountain pass is waiting for us ahead today on our trail. The pass of Rinchen Zoe La is situated at the elevation of 5290m/17350ft. We will enjoy the incredible beauty of the Bhutanese mountain terrain for a while from the pass and then descend towards Chukarpo, the campsite for today. Overnight in Camp.
Walking Duration: 6 Hrs. The walk today goes mostly downhill except a short climb to Um So Lake. Walking relatively on an easier effort on the downhill trail, we eventually arrive at the campsite at Thampe Tso after a walk of about six hours. Overnight in Camp.
Walking Duration: 5 Hrs. The last one of the mountain passes that we have to cross today is relatively easier as it is lowest on the trek. The pass of Thampe La is situated at the elevation of 4580 m. Approximately five hours of walk covering 14 kilometers of the mountain trail takes us to Maurothang for an overnight stay today.
The final day of the trekking today, we walk for about five hours to the upper part of Sephu village. If time permits, we will visit Trongsa Dzong. We will take a spectacular drive of three hours to Punakha where we will stay overnight at finally at a comfortable hotel after so many days of camping in the wilderness. Overnight in Hotel.
We will explore the 17th century Punakha Dzong, one of the largest Dzongs in Bhutan, in the morning. Later we will drive for about two hours to Thimpu, the capital city of the Kingdom of Bhutan. We will explore the Thimpu in the afternoon. Overnight stay at a hotel in Thimpu.
Spend a free morning in Thimpu exploring more about the city. Later in the afternoon, we will drive to Paro. Overnight in Hotel.
Flight Duration: 1.2 Hrs. We will transfer you to the airport to catch your flight to Kathmandu, Nepal. On your arrival at the airport in Kathmandu, you will be picked up by our representative and transferred to your arranged hotel. The afternoon is at leisure in Kathmandu until the evening when we meet to take you to farewell dinner. We will talk about your experience of the trip and many other things. Overnight in Hotel.
Today we will walk around the local town in Kathmandu to experience the historical, cultural and spiritual affluence to unveil the social and historical mysteries to view the artistic Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour to capture the snaps of the centuries-old monuments and historical crafts in the Kathmandu city. We explore the Local market of Ason, glass beads market at Indrachowk, oldest supermarket at New Road, Kilagal, and Hidden Stupa, etc. Then we walk to Kathmandu Durbar Square. The most unique experience in the square is the visit to the temple of the living goddess “Kumari”. Durbar square walking tour will be a perfect mixture of culture, history, art, architecture and traditional values prevalent in Kathmandu valley. Overnight at Hotel.
As per your flight schedule, you will be transferred to the international airport of Kathmandu 3 hours prior to the flight time and your tour ends here.

What is Included?

    •    All accommodations included within Nepal and Bhutan
    •    Full broad meals included in Bhutan
    •    Private transports
    •    Sightseeing Tour in Kathmandu
    •    Professional English Speaking Tour Guides
    •    Airport Pick up and Drop
    •    Round trip airfare to Kathmandu-Bhutan-Kathmandu
    •    Travel Permits
    •    Bhutan visa fees
    •    Major monuments entrance fee in Bhutan 
    •    Bhutan government royalties and fees
    •    City monument entrance fees in Kathmandu

What is Excluded?

    •    Personal travel insurance
    •    All personal items
    •    Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu
    •    Tips for Guides and drivers
    •    Mountain and road rescue
    •    Nepal visa cost
    •    Any kind of table drinks, telephone bills, laundry, postage etc.

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