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Nepal Social Treks

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From the early days of civilization, Nepal has been the settlement for people with various indigenous ethnic groups who speak their own language. In this small country, there are 125 ethnic groups of people speaking 124 different languages. The variation of the people, their unique culture and tradition along with varied languages has made Nepal a unique destination.  This trekking will take you to the settlements of some of the indigenous groups of Nepal. You will experience the culture, tradition and living style of Tamang, Newari, Lama, Sherpa, Yolmo, Thami and Majhi peoples. Thami and Majhi are the people, who are only found in this part of the country. One can choose Indigenous Sailung Trek to feel this kind of life experience. This trekking is considered as one of the easier and short treks where one will get to see the varied form of culture, tradition, and history of the local people along with the panoramic view of the mountains and the surrounding villages.

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